We believe in making real food. We use real soil, just water and real sunlight to make our food. If you are looking for fake food grown on steroids under lights, on life support systems, we humbly suggest you have come to the wrong place.


We take organic waste and make our own soils and fertilizers. We like to make sure our food is grown in soil that is pathogen free and parasite free. We then mix in quality micro-elements to ensure our plants get everything they need to lead happy, healthy and higher yielding lives.


We grow our plants on adjustable poles that include our patented irrigation assembly that gives you full control of your plants on a bag by bag basis. Oh yes - we use 100% organic bags that last a lifetime that air prunes the roots of our plants and gives them a cooler root zone and more oxygen. We have found plants are much like humans - they do better when they can breathe well.


We have created a hands on practical curriculum, to support and empower people with special needs or who are under-utilized, to learn about Urban farming and agriculture. We have established our own Educational facility named Growmor University to provide teachers and students, from around the world, the skill sets they need to train others in their local environment wherever that may be.


We grow food that you may have never eaten before. We custom grow for high end restaurants and provide the rare ingredients chefs need to make signature dishes. We seek to expand food horizons and flavors in ways that excite not bore. You may have never heard of use before now but you may have tasted us in some of the best meals you have ever had.


Growmor - We do a lot more than just grow the best food!


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Our Solutions

How We Convert Organic Waste Into Organic Food


We take waste and compost it to make our soils and then high grade some of the compost into vermicast using red worms. By blending the 2 together with some other organic ingredients we are able to provide our plants with the nutrients they need on a bag by bag basis. A portion of what is grown becomes waste again and the cycle repeats itself.


Composting - We can convert organic waste into soils through composting. We pioneered large aerated static pile composting technology that was used in the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. Because of our expertise in organic conversion, we are able to supply ourselves with a wealth of soil amendment products others pay for.


Vermiculture - We can convert compost into fertilizer through vermiculture. Through composting and vermiculture we are able to manufacture our own soils and fertilizers on site anywhere in the world. With worm castings we are able to provide our plants with a liquid fertilizer and topical foliar spray insects do not like.


Vertical Growing - Our Vertical Growing System allows us to grow up to 10 times more in the same space using 90% less water. Our system also grows the widest range of plants and is able to control what happens on a plant by plant basis. Our vertical growing system with or without soil (hydroponically) and with our new bato bucket holders we are the only company with vertical bato bucket capability - a huge plus when it comes to vining crops.


Waste To Energy - Through gasification, pyrolysis and anaerobic digestion we are able to produce electricity from gas and oil to power our facilities.




Solution Advantages:


  • Empowers and enables everyone to grow more food at less cost using fewer resources, anywhere.
  • Employs people with unique abilities
  • Rapid growth cycles and responsive to consumer demands through multiple crop options grown simultaneously.
  • Guaranteed availability of fresh locally grown fruit and vegetables.
  • Ensures food security - Eradicating food miles completely.
  • Removes supply chain issues and challenges.
  • Food production without the normal reliance/overuse of natural resources.
  • Overcomes land management inefficiencies and poor cultivation practices




Have we done it before?


  • We were first to make salable compost out of household trash
  • We pioneered 1st environmental component to Olympics in 1996
  • We invented the growpol system


How We Do It

How We Convert Organic Waste Into Organic Food


There are many ways to grow plants. Some people grow plants hydroponically or aeroponically or aquaponically or using best management practices. We go way beyond best management practices and grow plants naturally and organically.


We bring together premium grade waste organics rich in vitamins and micro nutrients and compost them using a proprietary composting method we used when we were asked to pioneer the first environmental component to the Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996. Our method provides a complete pathogen, parasite and weed seed kill to ensure our plants are grown in the best soil possible. Since plants uptake whatever nutrients are available  to them, we make sure our plants only get the cleanest, freshest and finest soil possible.


We use water in our irrigation systems - not synthetic chemicals that come with warning labels. We do not believe in putting things into your body that a 5 year old cannot pronounce. Our plants are grown in our patented Vertical Growing System that grows more per square foot than any other organic system in the world - using 90% less water. We do not believe in wasting anything.


We grow plants that you may have never heard of, heirloom varieties you have maybe never tasted and plants that are lush and bursting with flavor. We work with the finest restaurants and food emporiums seeking only the best and provide ingredients that enable chefs to make their signature dishes.


Our growers have been taught how to grow the best crops at our own training center. We work with under-utilized people and people with special needs or autism and train them to be the best growers around. Our growers are focused, motivated, and exceedingly proud of the food they make for you and take a special delight in all they do. We could not be more proud of them and we know once you meet them yourself you will never be able to think of food making the same way ever again - they are simply that good!


We invite you to experience Growmor. We love what we do and we know you will to. Once you taste the difference you will say - can you grow more please? We welcome you not to a final destination but to an epicurian adventure of extraordinary proportions that is ever changing and truly empowering.


With every bite of food you take a decision is made - will you eat food that heals or will you eat food that harms. Most people have no idea where their food comes from, who made it, how it was grown, how old it was and what nutrition is in it. We invite you to come see us. Come see our facility, meet our growers, see our plants and get to know your food again.


We look forward to empowering you one veggie at a time!





Our Production Method

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