Greg has been practicing and teaching individuals, neighborhoods, and communities’ sustainable agriculture practices such as gardening, farming, and food preservation for more than a decade and has helped plant gardens internationally. Greg has built, owned and operated some of the finest restaurants in Florida and is an accomplished award winner. Greg will oversee the daily maintenance of the grow facility, as well as educating local customers on the benefits of growing their own vegetables and herbs at home.

Greg Flewelling

Partner & Farm Manager

Brian has been in the waste business for over 25 years, was the first to make Minnesota Class 1 compost out of household waste and pioneered the first environmental component to the Olympic Games in 1996 at the Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia. Brian has developed the Growpol technology and the composting and vemiculture systems Growmor uses. Brian will handle the organic conversion requirements, training on Growpol©s, long range corporate planning, brand management and overall program coordination.


Brian Donnelly

Partner & Business Manager

Jonnie Flewelling was born and raised in Indiantown and has a master’s degree in Education. Jonnie is passionate about organic food, is an avid chef, gourmet food specialist and nutritional expert. Jonnie will form the backbone of our training and educational program. Jonnie will create our curriculum and work with Seagull Industries and other local groups seeking job-training skills for their under-utilized community.


Jonnie Flewelling

Director of Education

Amy has been a top-level sales and marketing professional in the Urban Agricultural industry for over 5 years and has extensively researched and analyzed sustainable agriculture and vertical growing. Amy has planned and launched publicity campaigns including social and traditional media, attended trade shows, launched a revolutionary Agri-tech into Abu Dhabi and has helped Sun State Organics win awards in two Global competitions, Sustainia and Sustainable Brands.


Amy Agricola

Director of Marketing

Manuel has been a visual artist for many years and has produced some of the most eye catching and creative websites ever seen on the Internet. Manuel is Growmor's visual artist and he will ensure our brand and image stand out above the crowd and captures the public's attention.



Manuel Granizo

Media Director

Management Advisory Board


  • Frederick Johnston
  • Mark Beaumont
  • Walter O'Rourke
  • Russ Blanco
  • Richard Simon


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